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San Rafael, CA

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Keep Your Company Protected

We understand how much it takes to start up your own business, so why not protect it? Get business insurance so that your company stays safe and secure in the face of any uncertainty. We will look for what your business needs and ensure it stays safe.

Why Choose Business Insurance?

If something happened to your company, would you know how to handle it and would you be able to pay for a fire or a destructive break-in? With business insurance, you can guarantee the security your company needs.


Hire us at Northgate Insurance Services and your will be at ease. We send our insurance agents out to get you a policy that can cover your business without breaking the bank.

We Help You Get These Types of Business Insurances:

  • Restaurant insurance

  • Office packages

  • Convenience store insurance

  • Insurance for technology companies

  • Errors and omissions

  • Directors and officer’s liability insurance

  • Earthquake insurance

  • Flood insurance

If you have a business that is anywhere in the San Rafael area, just give us a call. We will analyze just what you need and get you affordable insurance.

Get excellent customer service from us!




Call: 415-472-0545

Be prepared to tackle flood or fire related damages; keep your business afloat even in tough times with our business insurance options.