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San Rafael, CA

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Have You Faced Loss or Damages to Commercial Property?

Commercial property is one of the biggest assets you can own so why not protect it with insurance? If you have faced or fear facing damage to your commercial property; come to Northgate Insurance Services, we will get you the insurance you need for anywhere in San Rafael.

Anything Could Go Wrong!

Commercial buildings house a lot of valuable assets such as people as well as expensive equipment. When you invest so much why not go the extra mile to protect your valuable investment? We help take the worry away with the right insurance.


Your office building insurance should protect you from anything like fire, lightning, explosions, windstorms, hail and smoke damage. Not to forget damage caused by vandalism and so on.

Choose a Policy That Meets Your Needs

commerical building commerical building


  • Older buildings

  • Vacant properties

  • Difference in condition

  • Earthquake Insurance

  • Flood insurance

The right coverage for you is unique – call us today to find out how to protect your commercials buildings the right way.

Call us for pocket friendly insurance options!






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No matter how big, small or aged your commercial building is we will don't fail at finding you the right insurance. Our most popular types of building insurance are: